Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Open data and e-research

Check out the CERN Workshop on Scholarly Communications links - Supporting the Research Process. Definitely futuristic stuff!

Peter Murray-Rust's presentation is very interesting - it's a half-hour webcast. He talks about how most scientific data is being thrown away, but can now be kept - for storage and retrieval by anyone.

This is great for the professional researcher at the large university - but can be useful for the student, too. Liz Lyons talks about the potential for education in her presentation.

Speaking of students, Peter Murray-Rust demos an automated peer-review robot called Oscar, developed by undergrads, which can read chemistry - and check the formulae!

Will B.C. researchers want to share their data in the future?

Will B.C. students be doing original research, with access to the same data that the rocket scientists use?


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